Invest in a young, innovative company fueled by raw passion and industry knowledge.

Proven Solution

We are seeing great adoption by our community and addressing the needs of the market.

Rock Solid Tech

We use a combination of enterprise grade technologies that have a proven track record, while still being state of the art.

Passionate, Real People

We owe it to our investors and ourselves to make sure we build a team that feels the same passion that we do.


We want investors who believe “there must be a better way”

Our company is hosting a Series A round and this is your opportunity to own a piece of the next big thing in the automotive industry. In the late 1990s and 2000s, forums reigned supreme and begin to categorize and organize automotive data. For the last decade we have seen social media as the home for automotive culture and we believe it is time that the global car community finally had a space to call its own, made for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Our Solution

Your Garage

Add all of your vehicles to your garage with photos and specs


Find local and nationwide car events you're interested in


Find aftermarket part manufactures or shops in your area


Meet new friends with a host of in app features, and attending events

Live Map

Your entire local car scene right on one live map, in your pocket


Use the app, get rewards. It is just that simple.


Easily connect with other users directly from within the app

Privacy First

Built in privacy controls make sure that you control your data
... and many more features coming soon!

We’re also building an incredible social media following with 100% organic growth


Average Monthly Post Reach


Average Monthly Engagement


Social Media Followers
Total Series A Round Goal
Our Push for Expansion

Series A Offering

To date we have raised over $150,000 in our seed round to continue our development support and cover legal and marketing costs for our launch. We have hired more software engineers, and have been looking to add talent to onboard any users and businesses as fast as we can handle.

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