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Our team came together in a stroke of luck. Three of us were Mitsubishi Evo owners that met at a meet one summer day in June of 2016, quickly we decided we had all the skills needed between us to bring our dream to life. Within the first year we had successfully launched a public beta, and discovered what we needed to do in order to build the world’s best automotive app. We realized we were on to something, and began the journey of developing Carmmunity.


We are a passionate bunch that believe that to build the best platform for car enthusiasts, you need to be a die hard enthusiast yourself. The Carmmunity team is focused on maintaining that mantra as we build our team from the ground up. Our workplace culture is to work smart and hard, but we know that a relaxed team is an efficient team. If this is a company you might want to work for, reach out to us with your resume, and we’d love to get to know you.

Daniel Balto

Chief Executive Officer

Dan founded Carmmunity in 2015 after years of dreaming of a smart phone app for car enthusiasts. The idea of bridging the physical and digital worlds always seemed like a reality that was inevitable. While his background is in medicine and engineering, his passions have driven him to adapt to a whole new profession and lifestyle.

When he isn’t working on Carmmunity, he is running the Minnesota Car Enthusiast Club, Minnesota’s largest and most diverse car club. On weekends when he wants to take a break from cars, he helps run Twin Cities Pet Rescue. Otherwise, video gaming is his preferred non-car hobby, though cooking/baking comes in a close second.

Max Bailey

Chief Creative Officer

Max joined Carmmunity in 2015 as a founding member. He brings over a decade of design experience to the table from multiple software companies over a variety of industries from biomedical, to education. He spends most of his time finding ways to improve Carmmunity's UI design, and branding.

Max is a self proclaimed "serial hobbyist", being interested in everything from cars, to computers, photography, cinematography, music, 3D modeling, and more. He spends his time outside of work, working.

Colton Fussy

Chief Technical Officer

Aaron Williams

Chief Marketing Officer